Baby Magic , Johnson&Johnson Lotion

Hi My loves I’m here with a review on original scented baby lotions. Which is picture on the right. I have not used the johnsons it smells horrible to me. It has a old smell like pain creams or like the insect spray I don’t like the smell. I would never put this lotion on my son I have not used it. I just give it away to someone who does like this kind. Don’t get me wrong I like Johnson brand but not their original scented kind.

Now the baby original scented lotion from baby Magic is to die for it smells amazing!! Light clean fresh scent not over powering or flowery or even have a chemicals smell like Johnson brand does. If you can go into a store and compare the smells of both of them you will see the difference. Other people I know say they don’t smell the difference, that okay, but I can and I love Baby Magic.

The textures of the lotions are different Baby magic is a bit thinner than Johnsons original scent. The consistency are about the same. they are also about the same in price. Here in Miami its kind of hard to find Baby Magic everywhere besides Baby’s R Us where they sell everything Baby Magic. However you can Find Johnsons brand in every store even the dollar stores now. They also have travelers sizes. I don’t see Baby magic having travel size bottles they need to get them.

I will review other Johnson and baby magic brand items and let you know what I think about them. like I like to mention this is my honest opinion.


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