Huggies, Pampers Diapers

I’m a first time mom of a 2 month old little boy, who is not average in weight. he weighs 11 pounds and 6 ounces. When I first started using and buying diapers, Pampers was the brand most people bought for him as gifts. people recommend Pampers more than anything. Pampers is a fine brand you probably could do worse than these. The Material is a bit thinner.

 The padding doesn’t go all the way up the diaper. so if your child has an explosion like they do sometimes, it make leak out the back and sides.  I thought that they were made to you just put them on ( my new mom attitude ) and let the baby go lol. Maybe you have to do that with others to. The taps on the diaper are sticky. they kind of stick to everything. Sometimes they are hard to get off.

Huggies lining is thicker they go all the way up the back. the sides are further up so you don’t need to pull on them to keep from leaks there a stretchy tap in back for a snug fit. My son eats every 2 hours and I usually change him after his meals so a little while after. with pampers the diaper can get heavy and tends to be damp on inside and out. Like if you press on the inner side of it its damp not dry at all.

Huggies is more absorbent . they are a lot softer in material as well. However, Huggies is a lot more expensive than Pampers. if you want quality over quantity pick Huggies. Pampers is better that others like luves or store bought brands. This is just what my  opinion is you have to try those things out for yourself.


 I prefer there unscented sensitive wipes over their baby fresh soft care. the baby fresh don’t really smell very good. it like a high perfume smell. Kind of like old people perfume. I tend use more of these wipes to get my son clean they rip up quick to.

Huggies wipes the natural and one and done are good they are more durable than Pampers, but they rip up to. I sometimes use less of these than the others ones. it depends on the mess. I love the smell of the cucumber and green tea wipes. Very refreshing. Now as for the name “One then Done” I wouldn’t say that’s all the way true you have to use more than one obviously, so that claim is a little far fetched.

Pampers brand baby fresh smells even worse if you put it in a wipe warmer. choose the unscented sensitive over them if you like Pampers brand wipes better. Its a better buy. They also include coupons in the boxes of diapers as well. I find it hard to find huggies coupons anywhere so. that might be a plus for some people.

My best advice I could give moms is you have to try things out to see if you like them or not. Stay encouraged and if you need advice ask other moms call hotlines or do what I do go on youtube its a big help. I have youtube channel. I’m still working on videos, but will have stuff up soon.



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