What woman doesn’t love shoes? Doesn’t the saying go shoes are a girls best friend? OK  well, maybe not, but the concept is all the same. Every girl has or wish they had a closet full of shoes. We send so

much on shoes and are always looking for the new latest styles, we see our friends and favorite celebs wearing. But we don’t like to compromise comfort, quality and price. I know like quality and comfort, but the price has got to be right.

There are tons of shoe stores and online stores for women’s shoes you havejustfab which is a membership website that they have stylist that pick the shoes based on what you like. you take a simple quiz and then they create a show room (a little more on that in a later post)there another on

 called shoedazzle created by Kim Kardashian. Same concept. Shoe mint by Steve Madden. These are some great shoe of the month club sites you ladies should check out.  lolashoetique is an store located in California also online with tons and tons of

 gorgeous shoes! at very low prices! some start at little as $40 dollars! can’t beat that! Shoes are true to size and made of good quality.

 This sneaker wedge is called thrive in a bold red color and red studded in the back with rubber sole. Great to pair with a studded shear blouse

and color fitted jeans for a pop of color. really gorgeous. there’s Velcro straps in front. This will go with a lot of outfit ideas. If you like ladies I’ll

post some outfit you can pair with sneaker wedges to give you an idea of how to style them, but with what ever you pair with these you will look awesome!

 She’s called Mia! Red colored pumps with gold studs all over and gold heel and bottom platform. I

believe the heel inches is 5-61/2  Gorgeous non the less perfect for a night out or even for casual wear

if you like a bold accessory piece like these

 Fiercely Exotic-Leopard this pump is super chic! its leopard spotted animal print. With spikes along the back lining two different size studs on the sides of the heel and back of shoe. this is a definite fashion state you love animal

print you like these. The studs and spikes give it a little something extra.  only $49.99 great price.

Check them out on Instagram lolashoetique!

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