Shany Cosmetics, Coastal Scents Makeup Palette

Heres a post about makeup, specifically makeup palettes. either it’s a double, quad or 80 etc. I have a few palettes to review a few I have had for along time and a few I just recently purchased. To start of I’m going to review “KleanColor” Brand palettes I have three of them. I had them for years , at least 5. Most of the colors I never used and a few I have. The texture of the shadows are soft. they can be very brittle. Can’t use them wet, like other shadows, such as baked Milani eye shadows great color when wet.

KleanColor are cheap in price and you can find them almost anywhere. I usually find them in beauty supply stores. if your looking for something cheaper and average color than their good. You will definitely need primer with these. By themselves doesn’t really work well. I’m not quite sure if they still sell these 3 palettes you see here, but yes I still use them from time to time. I have not bought a palette from them lately, but I have bought nail polishes and I will do a future review blog on those, later.

Next is my Fash, Costal Scents and my first Shany palette I bought from which is great place to by anything I love it! Reasonable priced, on any Item you have a desire to buy. Shany cosmetics was made by a young African American girl who believe in creating quality products for cheap prices. Flash palette I got is in bold colors smooth textures, very vibrant. The shadows are durable and last long and easy to apply. it comes in 100 count I think. very reasonable with its price.

I think it was $20! The Costal Scents one is in warm colors I love it! I use this one a lot for contouring and highlight colors. the neutral hues are amazing about 100 bucks for it, but its worth it! The apply of these shadows are smooth and even with out primer their great.

Shany palette in shimmer 88 count colors is beautiful! The colors are similar to Fash but their not matte. The shimmer isn’t o much to handle and with out primer their light on the skin. Not over powering at all! Any of these palettes are great for first time makeup ladies. easy to work with. Make sure you get good brushes tho. you’ll need them. Defiantly go with Amazon to buy them! you will not be disappointed.



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