Homemade Baby Food: Zuccihini, Sweet Potato and Apple



Using this cute little basic rice cooker and steamer, I decided to try to make my son ( my first child, 10 months old now) homemade baby food. I decide to get on this bandwagon after countless research and looking at mommy blogs and forums on the best baby food purees out their for new babies. There so much package stuff. I didn’t want my baby to ingest so much packaged and processed food I wanted to control the  amount of salt, sugar and chemicals in his diet especially since he had GERD at the time which is Gastro-esophageal reflux disease.

It was really hard those first few months I had to switch formula countless times and cereal in the bottle and all those little rules, that they come up with I had to break most of them because the reflux was so bad. so by the time four moths came I need to know what purees would be good for him. I started with the most safest foods first that were suggested.  Peas, banana, sweet potato etc.

I came up with a dish I thought he like. Using my baby bullet which came in real handy when it comes to blending and milling cereals. I love that little thing.  Great invention. so just the little steamer part I cut and peeled to gala or fugi apples and steamed them while boiling the zucchini. scrubbed and boiled or baked the sweet potato all in one pot. when everything was washed, peeled and cooked. I waited till it was cool enough to blend up, with a little bit of water.  added some spices like cinnamon  and nutmeg, he loved it. I was apple to get him to eat his veggies, by making them with the sweet apple flavor he loved. he was able to keep those foods down. Although they say sweet potatoes and apples aggravate reflux, but I think those foods helped.

I would sometimes just make a sweet potato or just apple etc. then played around with fruits and veggies as he tried them out. You can definitely blend up fresh meats like chicken or turkey in the baby bullet as well. so easy. Now I have to admit I do occasionally take help form the convenience of package food due to WIC, but My pot and baby bullet come in handy for all kinds of meals to prepare in kitchen.

I have so many combos to share with you in up coming post in the meantime try this small little recipe out and see if your baby likes it.

Steam or boil 2 cut up and peeled  galas or fugi (apples of your choice)

1 large or 2 small zucchini or swash cut in 1nch chunks and cook till soft.

1 small sweet potato or Japanese sweet potato cut into 1 inch chucks cook till soft. (baking it is even better)

when fruits and veggies are cool blend them up or mash them if you prefer add a little bit of nutmeg and cinnamon if so desired. This makes a 36 ounce batch you can freeze for later use up to 30 days in freezer! and  about a week in the fridge, but I’m sure it wont last long because baby will eat it up!

watch baby enjoy his meal!


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