Olay Fresh Effects {Va-Va-Vivid} Contour Cleansing System


I don’t usually look at commercials and then buy things but I genuinely love Olay products. Love the quench soap, lotions and so on. They smell lovely and moisturize your face and body well. It might be a little expensive to some. But its good for drug store price.

Olay recently came out with a cleansing system kit with a battery powered, tapered brush with stiff bristles for a deep clean and a shine reducing cleanser.

It claims to have a 400% better clean vs. basic cleaning.
the tapered brush cleans around hairline, nose (which is my problem area )and T-zone
Deep cleans, refreshes and hydrates
Liberate your skin from dirt, oil, and makeup for fresh, fearless, unstoppable freshness.



The bristles vibrate on your face its slightly warm such an invigorating clean. You can use any cleanser with this not just the one it comes with.

Price: 12.99 @target





Pantene Pro-V Shampoo & Conditioner

PantenePantene Pro-V (Pro Vitamins) Is a popular shampoo that I have been using for years. I have dabbed into different collections in the line. The two I go back to even after trying other brands are Pantene Pro_v Fine Solutions Volume Shampoo.

       I like it because it’s

  • Dye free
  • Silicone free

If it was alcohol and sulfate free it would be even better, but it’s a great place to start if you’re going natural and you want to start out slow like I did. I just use the shampoo from this collection is


  • non-sticky
  • lovely smell ( kind of floral)
  • nice size (25.4oz)

You get a lot of product for your money this shampoo is priced between $3.99-5.99 that’s awesome for a department/drug store price.

The other is the Moisture renewal 2-in1 Shampoo & Conditioner  I swapped out regular conditioners for deep conditioners, masks and balms. My hair needs more moisture due to being ethnic and having chemically treated hair. (colored treated). When your hair is colored often you need a ton of moisture daily to keep the natural moisture in your hair. Shampoo is so drying because of the sulfates. that I now , most of the time co-wash (more on co-washing in another post) but when I clarify my hair I still use shampoo and put a bit of conditioner in it so. I thought the 2-in1 were a bit easier.

Moisture renewal run you the same price range as the volume. it smells really nice nice size too. Its one of pantene’s classics. I like that its for all hair types and gentle enough for color treated hair.


What woman doesn’t love shoes? Doesn’t the saying go shoes are a girls best friend? OK  well, maybe not, but the concept is all the same. Every girl has or wish they had a closet full of shoes. We send so

much on shoes and are always looking for the new latest styles, we see our friends and favorite celebs wearing. But we don’t like to compromise comfort, quality and price. I know like quality and comfort, but the price has got to be right.

There are tons of shoe stores and online stores for women’s shoes you havejustfab which is a membership website that they have stylist that pick the shoes based on what you like. you take a simple quiz and then they create a show room (a little more on that in a later post)there another on

 called shoedazzle created by Kim Kardashian. Same concept. Shoe mint by Steve Madden. These are some great shoe of the month club sites you ladies should check out.  lolashoetique is an store located in California also online with tons and tons of

 gorgeous shoes! at very low prices! some start at little as $40 dollars! can’t beat that! Shoes are true to size and made of good quality.

 This sneaker wedge is called thrive in a bold red color and red studded in the back with rubber sole. Great to pair with a studded shear blouse

and color fitted jeans for a pop of color. really gorgeous. there’s Velcro straps in front. This will go with a lot of outfit ideas. If you like ladies I’ll

post some outfit you can pair with sneaker wedges to give you an idea of how to style them, but with what ever you pair with these you will look awesome!

 She’s called Mia! Red colored pumps with gold studs all over and gold heel and bottom platform. I

believe the heel inches is 5-61/2  Gorgeous non the less perfect for a night out or even for casual wear

if you like a bold accessory piece like these

 Fiercely Exotic-Leopard this pump is super chic! its leopard spotted animal print. With spikes along the back lining two different size studs on the sides of the heel and back of shoe. this is a definite fashion state you love animal

print you like these. The studs and spikes give it a little something extra.  only $49.99 great price.

Check them out on Instagram lolashoetique!

Huggies, Pampers Diapers

I’m a first time mom of a 2 month old little boy, who is not average in weight. he weighs 11 pounds and 6 ounces. When I first started using and buying diapers, Pampers was the brand most people bought for him as gifts. people recommend Pampers more than anything. Pampers is a fine brand you probably could do worse than these. The Material is a bit thinner.

 The padding doesn’t go all the way up the diaper. so if your child has an explosion like they do sometimes, it make leak out the back and sides.  I thought that they were made to you just put them on ( my new mom attitude ) and let the baby go lol. Maybe you have to do that with others to. The taps on the diaper are sticky. they kind of stick to everything. Sometimes they are hard to get off.

Huggies lining is thicker they go all the way up the back. the sides are further up so you don’t need to pull on them to keep from leaks there a stretchy tap in back for a snug fit. My son eats every 2 hours and I usually change him after his meals so a little while after. with pampers the diaper can get heavy and tends to be damp on inside and out. Like if you press on the inner side of it its damp not dry at all.

Huggies is more absorbent . they are a lot softer in material as well. However, Huggies is a lot more expensive than Pampers. if you want quality over quantity pick Huggies. Pampers is better that others like luves or store bought brands. This is just what my  opinion is you have to try those things out for yourself.


 I prefer there unscented sensitive wipes over their baby fresh soft care. the baby fresh don’t really smell very good. it like a high perfume smell. Kind of like old people perfume. I tend use more of these wipes to get my son clean they rip up quick to.

Huggies wipes the natural and one and done are good they are more durable than Pampers, but they rip up to. I sometimes use less of these than the others ones. it depends on the mess. I love the smell of the cucumber and green tea wipes. Very refreshing. Now as for the name “One then Done” I wouldn’t say that’s all the way true you have to use more than one obviously, so that claim is a little far fetched.

Pampers brand baby fresh smells even worse if you put it in a wipe warmer. choose the unscented sensitive over them if you like Pampers brand wipes better. Its a better buy. They also include coupons in the boxes of diapers as well. I find it hard to find huggies coupons anywhere so. that might be a plus for some people.

My best advice I could give moms is you have to try things out to see if you like them or not. Stay encouraged and if you need advice ask other moms call hotlines or do what I do go on youtube its a big help. I have youtube channel. I’m still working on videos, but will have stuff up soon.


Baby Magic , Johnson&Johnson Lotion

Hi My loves I’m here with a review on original scented baby lotions. Which is picture on the right. I have not used the johnsons it smells horrible to me. It has a old smell like pain creams or like the insect spray I don’t like the smell. I would never put this lotion on my son I have not used it. I just give it away to someone who does like this kind. Don’t get me wrong I like Johnson brand but not their original scented kind.

Now the baby original scented lotion from baby Magic is to die for it smells amazing!! Light clean fresh scent not over powering or flowery or even have a chemicals smell like Johnson brand does. If you can go into a store and compare the smells of both of them you will see the difference. Other people I know say they don’t smell the difference, that okay, but I can and I love Baby Magic.

The textures of the lotions are different Baby magic is a bit thinner than Johnsons original scent. The consistency are about the same. they are also about the same in price. Here in Miami its kind of hard to find Baby Magic everywhere besides Baby’s R Us where they sell everything Baby Magic. However you can Find Johnsons brand in every store even the dollar stores now. They also have travelers sizes. I don’t see Baby magic having travel size bottles they need to get them.

I will review other Johnson and baby magic brand items and let you know what I think about them. like I like to mention this is my honest opinion.

Shany Cosmetics, Coastal Scents Makeup Palette

Heres a post about makeup, specifically makeup palettes. either it’s a double, quad or 80 etc. I have a few palettes to review a few I have had for along time and a few I just recently purchased. To start of I’m going to review “KleanColor” Brand palettes I have three of them. I had them for years , at least 5. Most of the colors I never used and a few I have. The texture of the shadows are soft. they can be very brittle. Can’t use them wet, like other shadows, such as baked Milani eye shadows great color when wet.

KleanColor are cheap in price and you can find them almost anywhere. I usually find them in beauty supply stores. if your looking for something cheaper and average color than their good. You will definitely need primer with these. By themselves doesn’t really work well. I’m not quite sure if they still sell these 3 palettes you see here, but yes I still use them from time to time. I have not bought a palette from them lately, but I have bought nail polishes and I will do a future review blog on those, later.

Next is my Fash, Costal Scents and my first Shany palette I bought from Amazon.com which is great place to by anything I love it! Reasonable priced, on any Item you have a desire to buy. Shany cosmetics was made by a young African American girl who believe in creating quality products for cheap prices. Flash palette I got is in bold colors smooth textures, very vibrant. The shadows are durable and last long and easy to apply. it comes in 100 count I think. very reasonable with its price.

I think it was $20! The Costal Scents one is in warm colors I love it! I use this one a lot for contouring and highlight colors. the neutral hues are amazing about 100 bucks for it, but its worth it! The apply of these shadows are smooth and even with out primer their great.

Shany palette in shimmer 88 count colors is beautiful! The colors are similar to Fash but their not matte. The shimmer isn’t o much to handle and with out primer their light on the skin. Not over powering at all! Any of these palettes are great for first time makeup ladies. easy to work with. Make sure you get good brushes tho. you’ll need them. Defiantly go with Amazon to buy them! you will not be disappointed.